My name is Lesley and I am the author of the children’s book series, ‘The Adventures of Violet and Bruce.’

I’ve always been passionate about writing; mainly as a hobby and when I could fit it in with my day-job as an NHS Occupational Therapist and Mama to the real-life Violet and Bruce. Yes, they’re real, and yes, they drive me crazy on a daily basis! I laugh out loud at their antics and occasionally cry (only when they both cock their legs to wee in the house), but I wouldn’t change them for the world. They have the most unique and hilarious relationship which ultimately inspired me to write the Violet and Bruce adventures.
I am passionate about reading; you’ll forever find me with my nose in a book when I have any spare time. It’s a love that I am slowly instilling in Violet, however, anyone with a toddler knows that getting them to sit and concentrate is tricky at the best of times; which is why I introduced our bookish play activity packs to make reading more interactive for our little ones!
Our next venture seemed like a natural progression to the ‘Violet and Bruce’ brand. Especially during these uncertain times, I wanted parents and toddlers to have something unique to connect with. Our new parent and toddler combined bookish play treat boxes motivated us to launch an online Baby Book Club. Treats for Mama and little one; a different book each month with a virtual and interactive book reading uploaded to our website and social media platforms. We’ll also be gradually expanding our Book Store by introducing a small selection of books to our online collection by alternative authors. Watch this space!
I’d like to take this opportunity to say, thank you for your interest, support or purchase. I welcome all feedback… Please be kind but honest.
Contact me via our Instagram page or email:
Lesley x